What Items do you accept for consignment?

Retreat generally accepts furniture and home décor items in excellent condition *See Consignment section for details

How long is the consignment term?

Items are consigned at Retreat for 120-day (4 month) consignment term

How is the selling price determined?

Pricing is based on condition, cleanliness and demand.  Any information regarding brand, original price paid, where and when item was purchased, etc. is helpful while working with you to determine a fair asking price.

What percentage of the price do I receive?

As the consignor, you receive 60% of the price at which the product sells within our 120 day consignment markdown period. Retreat receives 40%. 

How does the markdown schedule work?

Items consigned at Retreat enter the following markdown schedule

  • After 30 days: 20% off
  • After 60 days: 40% off
  • After 90 days: 50% off *final markdown
Can I pull my consigned items at any time?

Yes, you may take your items back at any time during the contractual period, however, if items are pulled before 90 days, there is a handling fee of 15% of the current price of the item. After 90 days, there is no handling fee.

Do you call me when my items have sold?

We do not call you, but encourage you to call 985-892-8202, text 985-400-8216 or email info@retreattcl.com at any point in time to see if your items have sold and whether you will have a check to pick up at Retreat.   Checks are issued IN-STORE on the 15th of the month for items sold in the prior month.

What happens to my items that have not sold after 120 days?


Consigned items reaching their 120 day term without a sale, will be held up to 10 days after the 120 term is expired.  Items not retrieved by the consignor before that time will be considered abandoned and disposed of as Retreat sees fit.

Can I Purchase by Phone?

Yes, we do take phone orders, call 985-892-8202 for details

Do you offer a pick up/delivery service?

Yes, we have 3rd Party pick up and delivery options we can suggest for hire.

When Can I Bring Items for Consignment?

Retreat works BY APPOINTMENT for consignment drop off.  Once photos are sent and items are approved, we schedule a specific day and time appointment for you.  This saves you time and ensures that we have planned space and staffing to take your items.  Unscheduled drop offs may not be accommodated.  

Do you consign music albums?

Retreats accepts select collections.  Please call 985-892-8202 for details.